Hand Dancing


Hand Dancing in Washington, DC

Learn how to Hand dance and Bop With SmoothSoles. SmoothSoles Dance Academy in Washington, DC, specializes in teaching the art of hand dancing that has emerged from the various dance styles in past decades.

DC-Style Hand Dancing and Bop

SmoothSoles Dance Academy specializes in teaching DC-style Hand Dancing and Bop. DC Hand Dancing and Bop is geared towards fitness and will keep you active! This is the new style of hand dancing. The new style of DC dancing and Bop has a 6 count step pattern. Hand Dancing and Bop is a Washingtonian style dance that can be traced back 1920s when Harlem gave birth to the Lindy Hop.

Hand Dance History

From the Lindy Hop, emerged the Jitter Bug in the 1930s. In the 50s, DC developed its own version and called in the Hand Dance. During the 50s and 60s. Washington, DC, was the hub of the Washington dancing experience. It features hand holding and other forms of graceful embracing while executing simple to complex turns and moves. Today, Hand Dancing has resurfaced and is taking its rightful place in the Washington dance community.

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