Dance Classes in Washington, DC

Sign up for our next class. SmoothSoles Dance Academy in Washington, DC, proudly offers dance classes as well as dance lessons instructing you step by step to help you learn the fundamentals of the hand dancing style.

Hand Dancing Classes

Our DC-style Hand Dancing and Bop classes are designed for both men and women. We teach in a classroom setting and provide private lessons upon request. We teach basic and intermediate DC Hand Dancing and Bop. With the basic class, you learn the basic footwork of DC Hand Dancing and Bop along with the basic steps and variations. You will learn how to count the beats in the music and with the music for your basic footwork as well as learn how your body’s weight changes as well.

Our intermediate DC Style Hand Dancing and Bop takes it to the next level. Show off your new style at social events and outings. We teach the same things as in the basic class, but with more intermediate moves, and spot turns. Our goal is to compose dance teams for superb performances.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment (private lessons only) for hand dancing classes.